Why does an OPTIMA® battery have a longer life than other batteries?

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The main reasons the OPTIMA battery has a longer life are:

  • There is no shedding of active paste material
  • The SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® immobilizes the plates, preventing the active paste from working loose, which can cause plate-to-plate shorting
  • It utilizes a high-purity lead grid
  • The grid material in OPTIMA batteries is more resistant to grid degradation – a type of internal corrosion that affects the plates inside a battery as it ages
  • The completely sealed design prevents loss of water, which can lead to plate dry-out and failure

OPTIMA batteries have increased ability to withstand the high demands being placed on batteries today, including high-heat situations, heavy electronic loads and increased vibration. The SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® in an OPTIMA battery is what keeps it from shedding active material that gives a battery power. This technology also extends an OPTIMA battery’s cycling ability.

What is the expected battery life of a car battery?

How your battery is used and maintained will affect how long it will last.