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Posted: Aug 06, 2010

No One Needs An OPTIMA Battery More Than These People!

 We often talk about all the demanding, high-performance and abusive applications that are ideal for OPTIMA batteries, but those are by no means the only reason to buy one.  The Kentucky Museum of Art Craft is hosting an Art Car event this weekend and it occurred to us that these vehicles could be more in need of an OPTIMA battery than any of the drag cars, monster trucks or bass boats that run them.

Art cars are not daily drivers and while there are car shows every weekend from coast to coast, there are not a lot of shows for "art" cars.  That means the owners of these vehicles may only have one or two opportunities per year to take their vehicles out and show them off.  Many of these cars are more art than transportation at this point and would not fare well if exposed to the elements like a daily driver.  As a result, many of these cars sit idle for days or even months on end.

All that means they are ideal candidates for an OPTIMA battery.  The SpiralCell, AGM design of OPTIMA batteries do a much better job of holding a charge during long-term storage, than traditional batteries.  When that special opportunity to show off their pride and joy finally arrives, the last thing they want to deal with is a dead battery.  Additionally, if someone decides to attach a few dozen Big Mouth Billy Bass to the sides of their Volvo, they may need a significant power source, like our YellowTop, to help keep those fish yapping-

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