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Posted: Jan 12, 2011

OPTIMA Supports Electrathon Racing

Ask any executive in the automotive business where the future of the industry is headed and even if they are trying to push the new Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Camaro Z28, they will likely concede that the long-term outlook is electric.  Given the nature of our business and involvement in the automotive world, we want to be an active part in helping develop the most-efficient form of transportation available and that starts with the education of our next generation.

Electrathon racing is a form of endurance race, challenging competitors to drive as far as possible, in a set amount of time, with a pre-determined amount of battery power.  Events are held around the country and the sanctioning body is Electrathon America.  The President of Electrathon America is Mike Hodgert, who also heads up the Willamette High School Electrathon Race Team.  Willamette's team is the world's largest and they have won their state championship eleven times in the last twelve years. 

We think Electrathon racing is a great way to encourage tomorrow's engineers and designers and we are proud to sponsor Willamette High School's Electrathon Race Team!

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