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Posted: Mar 01, 2012

Ultimate Street Machines!

There’s something about rivalry amongst peers that tends to bring out the bravado and machismo required to put a freshly built high-end hot rod through aggressive competition. That’s the best way we know to explain the phenomenon known as the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI). It’s become the one event that will make even the most cautious owner or builder decide to throw caution to the wind and bring his award-winning ride out to the middle of the parched Nevada desert to the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for a trio of trials. That’s why we love attending; there’s nowhere else you’ll ever see so many finely crafted cars in competition at the same time.

This year, 53 of the best cars in the country were chosen by the OUSCI committee out of nearly 700 applicants, as well as entries earned through a series of qualifying events throughout the year. All of them went head-to-head on the road rally, a 2.2-mile road course, an autocross, and a speed-stop challenge. And style still counts too; automotive artist Murray Pfaff headed a contingent of judges that evaluated each competitor on execution and originality.

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