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Posted: Jan 02, 2013

100+ Brands and Companies on Pinterest from the Automotive Aftermarket

OUSCI2012SponsorsSoFar.jpgPinterest is still a relatively-new form of social media, but it has really taken off in the last year. OPTIMA has hopped onboard the bandwagon with our own page, packed full of very cool images of cars, trucks, boats and just about anything else that can use one of our batteries. We're not alone on Pinterest, in fact many other businesses and brands in the Automotive Industry have found their way to the site. There is even a pinboard just for Automotive Aftermarket. Here is a list of more than 100 companies and brands we've spotted on Pinterest so far. Let us know if we're missing any.

If your brand or company is missing from this list, please follow our Show Us Your OPTIMA Batteries board, so we know you're out there!

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