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Posted: Jan 16, 2013

2013 OUSCI Qualifiers- What's your call?

OUSCI_Qual_Logo_2012.jpgHistorically, the qualifying events for the OPTIMA® Ultimate Street Car Invitational have been a diverse group of events, which reflects the nature of the OUSCI itself.  Will 2013 be any different?  We'll announce some of the qualifying events in the very near future and some of the events will be very familiar, while others will be relatively-new.

Whether these events are open road races, autocrosses or multi-faceted, the idea is that we find the best street cars available and events that have a performance element help differeniate the contenders from the pretenders.  We want cars that are very well-built, but not to the extent that all the focus has been placed on the form, with little thought given to the function.  Likewise, a thinly-veiled race car that is technically street-legal is not of interest to us either.

Which events do you think should be qualifiers for the 2013 OUSCI?  Stop by the OPTIMA Facebook page and let your voice be heard.

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