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Posted: Mar 12, 2013

Batteries For Your Trailer: Your Questions Answered

When it comes to putting a potent and powerful battery in your car, just about everyone has heard the name of OPTIMA® Batteries. With their brightly-colored battery tops, OPTIMA has made a name for itself for its technologically-advanced batteries, and plenty of serious racers rock a red or yellowtop under their hood. But when it comes to trailers what sorts of battery is best?

That was the question posed by Peter D. on OPTIMA’s website, who asked if it would be better to have two 6-volt batteries, or two 12-bolt batteries hooked up on trailer. And OPTIMA delivers the answer you expect.

Obviously, the battery size depends on the trailer, but in general OPTIMA notes that either 6-volt or 12-volt lead-acid batteries will vent flammable, toxic gases into the air. OPTIMA also notes that while two 6-volt batteries will double the voltage to 12-volts, but will still provide only 50 amp-hours. Two 12-volt batteries will also deliver just 12-volts, but will double the amp-hours to 100. So depending on your power needs, this is something to keep in mind.

OPTIMA goes on to recommend that buyers opt for deep cycle BLUETOP or YELLOWTOP batteries for their trailers, as deep cycle batteries last longer and can be more completely drained without being ruined. OPTIMA also recommends replacing the batteries with a capacity greater than or equal to the batteries they’re replacing. Simple but solid advice from the makers of a great battery.

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