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Posted: Apr 04, 2013

OUSCI Qualifier Detroit Speed Southern Slam Sold Out!

We'd like to think qualifying events for the 2012 OPTIMA® Ultimate Street Car Invitational are selling out left and right, because everybody and their brother wants in on the coolest car event ever created. However, that might not exactly be the case with the Detroit Speed Southern Slam, which sold out yesterday. The Southern Slam is part of the American Street Car Series, which runs competitive racing events for street cars all over the country.

These events are outrageously fun and very well-run, so we'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't admit part of the reason the Southern Slam sold out, is because folks love ASCS events. We do too, which is why three events on their schedule are OUSCI qualifiers. However, the only one that you can still sign up for is the Motorstate Challenge in Watersvilet, Michigan on July 25-27th.

Another reason the Southern Slam may have sold out, is because of the popularity of the new TV show on SPEED, RU Faster Than A Redneck? RU Faster Than A Redneck? was filmed at Carolina Motorsports Park and it is no secret that many of the rednecks from the TV show and their cars will be competing in the Southern Slam. The fact that the Southern Slam is not a wheel to wheel competition like RU Faster Than A Redneck gives folks an opportunity to answer the question of whether they are faster than a redneck, without the risk of someone giving them a love tap in their door, as they head into a hard right hander (not that any of us have seen anything like that happen at CMP).

In spite of those reasons folks may have signed up for the Southern Slam, we like to think at least a few of the competitors still have their eyes set on getting an invite to the 2013 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, which takes place immediately following the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. If you've missed out on OUSCI qualifiers so far, but you'd like in on the action, we'll share with you the remaining qualifhying opportunities.

The next qualifier after the Southern Slam is the OPTIMA Faceoff at Road America. Like the OUSCI itself, the Faceoff will be filmed for broadcast on TV, so even if you don't recieve an invite to the OUSCI, we'll still try and make a TV star out of you. That event is especially important, because it is open to all makes and models (not all of the remaining OUSCI qualifiers are so inclusive). It takes place on the weekend of June 22nd.

The next qualifier is the autocross at the 22nd annual Goodguys Heartland Nationals in Des Moines on the weekend of July 5th. This event is open to domestic vehicles and offers another centrally-located venue in the heart of America (as the name suggests).

Later in July, the previously-mentioned Motorstate Challenge will take place over in Michigan. This event is also open to all makes and models of vehicles and unlike the next qualifier, it is not yet sold-out. That event, the Sandhills Open Road Challenge, is also open to all makes and models, but typically sells out within a few days of going on sale. If you'd like to compete in an open road racing event and don't want to drive all the way out west to do it, the SORC is a great time and we highly-recommend it!

Moving into September, the next qualifying event is Holley's LSFest on the weekend of September 6th. This event is also open to all makes and models, but whatever you are running must have one of GM's LS engines under the hood. At this point, the countdown to SEMA and the OUSCI have moved to days, so it is important to have your car well-sorted out before you arrive in Bowling Green, because there aren't many opportunities to qualify if things don't go well at Beech Bend.

The very next week, the next OUSCI qualifier takes place way out west at the Silver State Classic Challenge, in Ely, Nevada. This event is also open to all makes and models, but space is limited. If this is your qualifier of choice, we would strongly encourage you to sign up soon.

The final announced qualifying event for the 2013 OUSCI is the 21st annual Goodguys Lone Star Nationals on the weekend of October 4th at Texas Motor Speedway. Like the other Goodguys qualifier, the Lone Star Nats is only open to domestic vehicles and SEMA is at the end of the month, so if this is your only shot, you'd better make it count.

If you run the gauntlet of qualifying events and still don't get an invitation to the OUSCI, keep in mind that we will be selecting vehicles directly from the SEMA show to compete in the challenge in Pahrump, but showing your vehicle is not the kind of thing someone decides to do the week before the show. It's also extremely difficult to stand out at a show that features thousands of the most-amazing vehicles most of the automotive world has ever witnessed. Those odds make the OUSCI qualifiers your safest bet, so pick out your choices and sign up today!

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