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Posted: Aug 20, 2013

How do I get sponsored?

IMG_1777.jpgThese batteries represent just a fraction of all the batteries we provide through sponsorships each year, but the question we often get is how do folks gain access to sponsorship from OPTIMA® Batteries? These batteries were all earmarked for vehicles participating in the SEMA Show, the largest automotive aftermarket trade show in the world. If you have a vehicle that is going to be in the SEMA show, we'd probably like to have one of our batteries in it.

However, the rub here is that even though there are thousands of vehicles at SEMA each year, there are probably just as many that aren't at SEMA that planned to be there. That's why we show up in the staging lots at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, with a trailer full of batteries. If someone has gotten their vehicle that close to SEMA, chances are, it will make it's way into the show.

What if you're not going to the SEMA Show? SEMA is just one of many events we sponsor, so don't get discouraged if that's not a fit for what you're doing. We are also an official NHRA Contingency sponsor. We don't just sponsor the pro drag racers, if you race in National and Regional NHRA races, you can participate in our contingency sponsorship program, where we actually pay out cold hard cash to the top competitors who use our products and run our logos on their vehicles. If you have questions about NHRA contingency sponsorship, stop by our mobile marketing rig in Manufacturer's Row at any NHRA National event and we'll be glad to help help you get onboard.

What if you don't race or aren't even a car guy? We sponsor fishermen too! In fact, we have a sponsorship program called OPTIMA True Blue Rewards for select fishing tournaments and organizations that also pays out to tournament anglers who use our products in their boats. These are weekend warriors too, not just the pros, like Edwin Evers and Chris Lane.

What if you're not a tournament angler or drag racer or SEMA participant? We sponsor lots of other folks too, including professional racing series like the Pirelli World Challenge and amateur series like the Chumpcar World Series. Beyond that, we also sponsor lots of individuals, teams, grassroots folks and events in general.

So if you fall into one of those categories, how do you apply for sponsorship? Before we tell you that, let us say that we do not accept sponsorship applications via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media channel. We also don't accept requests sent to our general e-mail address or corporate headquarters via regular mail. There are just too many requests for us to process at our offices and we want to make sure each request is evaluated and given thorough consideration, so we've hired a great company, who reviews all of those requests for us.

Please visit our sponsorship page where you will find all our sponsorship forms and instructions on how to request sponsorship. Good luck!

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