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Posted: Oct 09, 2013

Does OPTIMA® Make a Motorcycle Battery?

AGM-Motorcycle-Battery-VARTA.jpg"Does OPTIMA® make a motorcycle battery?" We've heard that question more times than we care to remember and we wish we had a battery to fit every application. Unfortunately, we don't (yet) but our corporate cousins over at VARTA® have released a full line of AGM powersports batteries that should be good news to motorcyclists everywhere.

Those outside of the motorcycle world (or "powersports" as the industry likes to call it, to include ATVs, snowmobiles, UTVs, personal watercraft, etc...) may not know that for years, if you needed a battery for your motorcycle, you had to add the acid after you bought the battery and charge it yourself. You can imagine the happiness motorcyclists now experience, knowing they no longer have to go through multiple steps just to get their bike to start up with a new battery on a Sunday morning.

VARTA powersports batteries are factory-sealed and freshly-charged, so they're ready to go as soon as you bring them home- no acid mess, no activation, no fuss- just fun!

VARTA isn't just a name Johnson Controls pulled out of thin air and slapped onto a battery either. Under Johnson Controls leadership, VARTA batteries have become the strongest premium brand of automotive and powersports batteries in Europe, with a growing presence in Asia and South America. With the market asking for an AGM powersports solution, JCI decided to bring their world-renowned VARTA brand to North America.

The VARTA powersports battery product line will offer 16 different group sizes of high-performance AGM batteries, covering more than 90% of powersports applications. VARTA AGM powersports batteries are made for active enthusiasts who expect the highest level of performance and durability and they will accommodate a wide range of applications including motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, UTVs, scooters and personal watercraft.

VARTA AGM powersports batteries are premium quality products that last longer, are vibration resistant and offer maximum power with no loss in performance, but their biggest selling point may be that they are a safer and easier alternative to traditional lead-acid powersports batteries, because there is no need to handle acid, which is required for many other powersports battery products. VARTA batteries are factory-sealed, have a rugged case construction and can withstand repeated charging and discharging and each VARTA AGM battery features an established grid design for improved durability, which overall ensures high performance in a wide range of temperature conditions.

All VARTA powersports batteries will be freshly charged at the Johnson Controls facility located in Middletown, Deleware, guaranteeing the freshest and best possible charge quality for users. The VARTA brand ‘factory activation’ process ensures each VARTA powersports AGM battery is freshly-charged, with no need to hassle with measuring acid, filling without spilling or waiting for a charge.

VARTA powersports batteries feature advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology that is engineered to extend the life and improve performance of the battery. Like OPTIMA batteries on the automotive side, VARTA AGM batteries can be installed at just about any angle, are maintenance free, feature a nonspillable design, and last longer in demanding applications.

VARTA powersports batteries officially launch in North American at the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, Florida on October 16-20, 2013, but they are already available to purchase online today and free shipping is included with each order. If you are headed to Orlando, the entire VARTA powersports battery line-up will be on display in booth #737 and they will begin hitting store shelves in early-2014.

VARTA powersports is also jumping into motorsports sponsorship, with their support of Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout presented by VARTA powersports ( on October 10-14, 2013. VARTA powersports is also co-sponsoring the “Ack Attack” ( streamliner motorcycle, currently the world’s fastest motorcycle, proving that VARTA batteries featuring AGM technology are built to deliver the highest performance.

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