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Posted: Aug 05, 2015

OPTIMA Batteries and Murphy’s Law Motorsports

By Steven Olsewski

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It is not very often that you find a quality product that meets but better yet exceeds your expectations of it. Murphy’s Law Motorsports have done just that with their sponsorship from OPTIMA Batteries. Every vehicle needs one, and Murphy’s Law Motorsports has found a battery that they rely on heavily.

Murphy’s Law Motorsports, owned by Lucas Murphy, is based out of Easton, Massachusetts and competes in competitive rock crawling and racing events all over the country. They started out with OPTIMA Batteries in 2009 and had the company come on full-board last year.

OPTIMA Batteries’ unique Spiralcell Technology gives OPTIMA Batteries over 15 times more vibration resistance and increased cycle life compared to traditional batteries. They are virtually spill-proof and maintenance-free for peace of mind, whether it be in a daily driver or a race truck.

The Murphy teams, owned by Lucas Murphy, has always believed in what OPTIMA Batteries can do. As a matter of fact, they have some of the original batteries from 2009 in use and have not had any issues with them since.

Murphy recalls a time where he was eight miles from the finish line and the spindle on the front of the truck broke. He was able to pull off the course, take both OPTIMA Batteries off the truck, and with the Ready Welder on hand, he was able to weld the part back together. He loaded the batteries back in the truck, started the truck back up with no issues, and finished the race.

Murphy’s Law Motorsports believes so much in the brand and the performance of the battery that their personal pickup trucks, toy hauler, fork lift, and side-by-side all run on OPTIMA Batteries. “Our Kenworth with the 8.3-liter Cummins engine has no block heater, but we have no problems starting when it is zero degrees outside,” said Murphy.

The Murphy’s Law Motorsports team puts their truck to the test all over the country and many local races. The team made the cross country trip out to King of the Hammers (KOH) earlier this year.

This year’s event saw over 120 racers start, yet only 17 actually completed the race; less than 15 percent, for those of us that like statistics. Murphy’s Law Motorsports was one of those fortunate 17, finishing in 6th place, and the occasion served as one more testament to the ability of OPTIMA’s products performing under stress.

Outside of Ultra 4, the team competes in many Line Mountain 4 Wheeler races. They were at the 2015 Coal Bucket race in Dornsife, Pennsylvania in early June, finishing in third place and just three minutes behind the leader. They will be back out with Line Mountain 4 Wheeler later this year competing in their last races of the year. They also enjoy going out to the local races and having fun, enjoying their hobby.

When running the types of races they do along with the types of vehicles they use, they need a battery that will be able to withstand the abuse it gets put through. In talking with Murphy (who also acts as driver), it became clear that the team cannot think of another battery that they would rather have in their Ultra 4 race truck. OPTIMA Batteries are the go-to that Murphy’s Law Motorsports looks to for all their needs whether it be in their race truck or personal vehicles.

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