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Posted: Dec 07, 2016

Pro-Tips with Edwin Evers: Maintaining Your Batteries in the Off-Season

Edwin Evers is an OPTIMA Batteries sponsored angler and the 2016 Bassmaster Classic Champion. As winter approaches for most of the country, we connected with Edwin to get his tips and tricks for maintaining his boat and batteries during the off-season.

Question: What are your biggest tips for maintaining boat batteries during the off-season?

Answer: I would recommend completely charging your batteries before storing your boat, then disconnecting the terminals so nothing can draw the battery down. It is also critical to have a battery maintainer/charger hooked up through the off-season to continually maintain your batteries; I use the OPTIMA Digital 400. When the seasons starts, you’ll want all your equipment ready and in top notch form; if your batteries are at a full charge, they will be ready to perform and you’ll be ready to hit the water.

Question: When taking your batteries out of storage, what are a few important things to remember?

Answer: Check all the connections for tightness and corrosion. A loose connection may prevent a battery from receiving a full charge or delivering current, which is not good because it can negatively affect the performance of the battery. If you have a built-in charger on your boat, be sure there is no corrosion in the terminals; I see this a lot. Buying a can of battery cleaner/protector can help if you have this issue. Be sure your batteries are charging evenly (each battery should be charging at the same volts), which will help maximize performance.

Question: Any other tips you would like to share?

Answer: I prefer to use a 12-gauge extension cord when storing and charging my batteries – the shorter the cord the better. Also, do not let your batteries sit for an extended amount of time in a state of discharge – always charge them as soon as possible.

Question: How long have you had your BLUETOP Batteries?

Answer: I’ve had a set of OPTIMA BLUETOP Batteries in one of my aluminum boats for eight years; OPTIMA Batteries are the longest lasting and highest performing batteries I’ve seen on the market.

OPTIMA Digital 400 and Digital 1200 Performance Maintainer and Battery Chargers enhance the performance all 12-volt AGM batteries. The Digital 400 Maintainer maximizes battery life, recovers deeply discharged batteries and keeps 12-volt AGM and flooded batteries healthy during storage. The Digital 1200 can charge, condition and maintain as well as recover deeply discharged batteries.

Want more tech tips from Edwin? Check out his videos on OPTIMA Batteries’ YouTube page.

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