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Posted: Oct 31, 2017

Event 7 - From Key West to Cuba to the Record Books

We put it through some serious abuse in the desert, the mountains, tracks, asphalt and in an arena-now it was time to take it to the water. But for our 7th event, we weren’t just looking to torture test the battery-we were looking to help the Lucas Oil 77 SilverHook® offshore race team smash a world record in the process, taking it 103 miles from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba, faster than anyone before.

When the battery arrived in Key West, the SilverHook team, led by Nigel Hook, dropped the new OPTIMA® YELLOWTOP® into their highly advanced boat. With over 100 sensors transmitting data throughout the run, this was an immense task for a single battery.

“103.22 miles across some of the most treacherous water in the world,” Nigel said. “Inside the boat, it’s very violent. It’s critical to us, especially with the pounding we take out there in the ocean, that we have a battery which can sustain that rugged environment and deliver a reliable source of power.”

The SilverHook team ran full-throttle, taking a pounding from rough offshore waters during the run. Powered by the new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP and two OPTIMA BLUETOP® batteries, the team covered the 103 miles in record time, exceeding their goal and securing a place in history.

Nigel Hook and team set a new World Speed Record and became the Guinness World Record® holder for the fastest journey from Key West to Cuba by a powered boat in 1 hr. 18 mins. 3 secs. The SilverHook averaged close to 79 mph with top speeds of 127 mph. The battery was then pulled from the SilverHook and sent to face its next extreme challenge.

Watch video of the event HERE.

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