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Posted: Oct 31, 2017

Events 5 & 6 - A Fair Share of Punishment at the Marshall-Putnam County Fair

After finishing in the mountains, we took the new OPTIMA® YELLOWTOP® to the Midwest for the Marshall-Putnam County Fair in Henry, Illinois. In Henry, they’re known for two things: demolition derbies and tractor pulls. Both events are battery-breakers, so we gave the new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP with PUREFLOW TECHNOLOGY™ a little Torture Test double-header.

Friday night was the demolition derby. Driver Alex Hatem dropped the new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP in his taxi-cab-yellow BMW he built for the event. "I'm a target for these good ol' boys," he said. "They're gonna have fun chasing me down and bashing me up. They have tanks, essentially."

And bash him up they did. The OPTIMA YELLOWTOP with PUREFLOW TECHNOLOGY rammed its way through the demolition derby. The battery was then pulled from the car and taken to the next stop at the Fair-"America's Pull"-Lucas Oils Pro Pulling, a tractor pull event.

"It’s gonna go through hell tonight, let me tell you," said Wayne Sullivan, leader of Sullivan Pulling. "We'll see if I can't tear it up."

But the heavily modified monster of a tractor couldn’t drain the new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP.

The new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP with PUREFLOW TECHNOLOGY powered through 384 feet of dirt and everything else the Marshall-Putnam County Fair could throw at it. We then took the battery out of the Sullivan tractor and sent it off to its next extreme event.

Watch video of both events HERE.

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