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Posted: Jan 31, 2018

How Does A Car Battery Work?

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained gives you the basics on how a car battery is built and how it works

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained has a unique ability to take complicated or complex subjects and break them down into simple terms that most folks can comprehend, as evidenced by the 1.5 million subscribers on the Engineering Explained YouTube channel. We know the science behind car battery technology, how car batteries are built and how they work, isn't the sexiest thing to explain, so we asked Jason to sum things up for us in this brief video.

In addition to this video, Jason also made another video for us that specifically reviews the design and construction of OPTIMA's SPIRALCELL batteries, as well as a video that explains the design and functionality of OPTIMA's upcoming H6 and H7 YELLOWTOP batteries.

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