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Posted: Mar 27, 2018

Shelby 1000 & Shelby Super Snake Dual Burnout

OPTIMA Brand Ambassador, Gary Patterson of Shelby American of Shelby American performs a dual burnout in the new Shelby 1000 F-350 pickup and the Shelby Super Snake.

While the Shelby name is synonymous with generations of go-fast Cobras, the Las Vegas-based company has had their hand in the truck market as well for quite some time. Earlier this month, OPTIMA Brand Ambassador and President of Shelby North America, announced their latest creation in the truck market- the Shelby 1000 F350 dually pickup. This truck was basically a response to customer feedback from folks who loved their Shelby-modified F-150 pickups, but wanted something from Shelby that could tow their toy haulers and other heavier trailers.

The "1000" in the Shelby 1000 names come from the 1000+ lb.-ft. of torque this truck will be able to deliver on demand and Gary couldn't think of a better way to demonstrate that raw power, than by a dual burnout display with a 700+horsepower Shelby Super Snake. However, the added twist of this display was the the Shelby Super Snake would be loaded onto a trailer for the demonstration. There has to be a lot of confidence involved in pulling off such a display, but between the Shelby power under the hood of the Super Snake, the 1000 and the JIMGLO car trailer, they put together quite the performance. Check it out below!

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