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Posted: Dec 20, 2018

Hawk International Challenge 2015 Results

While the event has had many names over the years, most folks refer to The Hawk International Challenge as the "BRIC," which stands for Brian Redman International Challenge, which takes place each summer at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Brian Redman's name is still attached to the event, even though naming rights have gone to various companies over the years. In 2015, the title sponsor was Hawk Performance and vintage race cars from multiple decades converged on Road America to compete in a multitude of groups and classes. See the final results and a massive photo gallery below

Group 1 BB Rick Knoop Laguna Beach, CA
Group 1 SB Tony Bean Lafayette, LA
Group 1 USRRC Bill Thumel Virginia Beach, VA
Group 1 TF Norm Cowdrey Camarillo, CA
Group 2 VBS2 Troy Ermish Tracy, CA
Group 2 VDP Brian Davis Mequon, WI
Group 2 VCP Jesse Prather Olathe, KS
Group 2 VEP Dawn Myers Wauwatosa, WI
Group 2 VFP Scott Schmidt Lecompton, KS
Group 2 VCS Jeff Jagusch Jr Fort Worth, TX
Group 2 VFM Steve Gesse Boulder, CO
Group 2 VHP W.S. Thompson Weyauwega, WI
Group 3 VGT Brian Garcia St. Charles, IL
Group 3 VASR AC D'Augustine Breckenridge, CO
Group 3 VEM Doc Bundy Dallas, TX
Group 3 VBSR Michael Kaske Twin Lakes, WI
Group 3 VAP Russell Gee Cambridge, MA
Group 3 VBP John Daniels Minneapolis, MN
Group 3 VCM Vincent Dean Leawood, KS
Group 3 VCP1 Michael Malone Seattle, WA
Group 3 3X Walter Volrath Elkhart Lake, WI
Group 3 VCSR James Miller St. Croix Falls, WI
Group 4 VFB Tonis Kasemets Mundelein, IL
Group 4 HFC Jim Gustafson Sussex, WI
Group 4 VFF Steve Grundahl Blue Mounds, WI
Group 4 HCF Larry Webster Ann Arbor, MI
Group 4 VF3 Hugh Ruthven Barrington, IL
Group 5 HASR Steve Simpson Buford, GA
Group 5 HFA Chris Farrell Corona, CA
Group 5 HBSR Randy Johnson Dallas, TX
Group 5 HS2 Fritz Seidel Milwaukee, WI
Group 5 HFB Martin Lauber Tiburon, CA
Group 5 GTPL John Higgins Dayton, OH
Group 5 HCSR Ron Pace Cedarburg, WI
Group 6 HAP Chris Hines Scottsdale, AZ
Group 6 HBP Mike Donohue Norman, OK
Group 6 HGTU Fritz Seidel Milwaukee, WI
Group 6 HTA Jim Bradley Gaston, IN
Group 6 SSA Brian Carlson Madison, WI
Group 6 HLV8 CH DeHaan Scottsdale, AZ
Group 7 VBS2 Troy Ermish Tracy, CA
Group 7 VBS1 Ike Keeler Macatawa, MI
Group 7 HGT3 George Calfo Atlanta, GA
Group 7 SSC Thomas Martin Austin, TX
Group 7 HRS Tim Schreyer Dubuque, IA
Group 7 HGT4 Terry Hefty Lafayette, CO
Group 7 VCS Jeff Jagusch Jr Fort Worth, TX
Group 7 HGT5 Filippo Reina Brookfield, WI
Group 8 HGT1 Frank Beck Scottsdale, AZ
Group 8 HGT2 Kirk Blaha New Berlin, WI
Group 8 SSB John Machul Plantation, FL
Group 8 HGT5 Kent Prather Wakarusa, KS
Group 8 HRS Tim Schreyer Dubuque, IA
Group 8 SSC Sean Riley Pleasant Prairie, WI
Group 8 HGT3 Frank Boucher Greenfield, WI
Group 8 HGT4 Justin Johnson Plano, TX
Group 8 VBS1 Steve Walker Amity, OR
Group 8 8X Dave Ruegsegger Loveland, CO
Group 9 CSR James French Sheboygan, WI
Group 9 MFA Joel Quadracci Hartland, WI
Group 9 WSC David MacNeil Tavares, FL
Group 9 INDY Paul Morgan Golden, CO
Group 9 9X Lawrence Huang Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Group 9 GTP Russell Kempnich Indooroopilly, AUS
Group 9 F-1 Brian French Sheboygan, WI
Group 10 GT1 Colin Comer Milwaukee, WI
Group 10 GT2 George Krass Plainfield, IL
Group 10 GTO Ike Keeler Macatawa, MI
Group 10 GT3A Thomas Martin Redondo Beach, CA
Group 10 GT3B Mark White Waunakee, WI
Group 11 H Duncan Dayton Miami, FL
Group 11 F Keith Frieser St. Alberta, AB
Group 11 L James Hagan Ballyclare, IE
Group 11 S Brad Hoyt Wayzata, MN
Group 12 PWA Rex Barrett Roselle, IL
Group 12 PWC Curtis Liposcak Madison, WI
Group 12 PWB Abigayil Joseph Chicago, IL
Group 13 HF5B Gregory Thorton Essex, UK
Group 13 GT1 Daniel Parr Big Bend, WI
Group 13 HBP Mike Donohue Norman, OK
Group 13 GTO Tom Welgarz Farmington, MI
Group 13 USRRC Bill Thumel Virginia Beach, VA
Group 13 VAP Thomas Frankowski Hartland, WI
Group 13 HTA Scott Graham New Franken, WI
Group 13 VGT Jay Stephenson Kennesaw, GA
Group 13 VBP David Roberts Weddington, NC
Group 13 VCM Todd Stuckart Hartland, WI
Group 14 F4B Jay Esterer Edmonton, AB
Group 14 HF5B Paul Zazryn East Bentleigh, AUS
Group 14 HF5A Bruce Leeson Marina, CA

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