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Posted: Jan 23, 2019

Are All Car Batteries The Same?

The internet is filled with rumors and suggestions that all car batteries are the same. We'll give you the truth in the Power Source blog

"All car batteries come from the same plant," says someone on a message board. "All car batteries are made by the same company," says someone else on Twitter. "I have a friend, whose uncle worked at the factory," claims someone in a Facebook group. Are all car batteries the same? There are plenty of people suggesting that on the Internet, but the truth is far removed from those internet rumors.

One thing everyone can agree on is that lead-acid car batteries are heavy! As such, it also costs a lot to move car batteries around (and the lead that goes into them). That means it would make sense that car battery factories be located in geographically diverse locations, so it doesn't cost as much to move the finished batteries from the factories to the cars. So there are many car battery factories located around the world and they are owned by many different companies (although some companies do own multiple factories).

OPTIMA Batteries are definitely different than most batteries though. From the unique appearance of our SPIRALCELL batteries to their colored tops, OPTIMA batteries do stand out. Unlike many batteries on the market, OPTIMA is both the brand and manufacturer. That means we manufacture all of our own batteries in our own production facility and they are the only batteries produced there. We never re-brand or re-spec our batteries for any of our retail partners. That certainly isn't the case for every battery brand on the market and very few of them will even tell you who makes their batteries or where their batteries are made. (You can take a virtual tour of the OPTIMA production facility here)

Even within the OPTIMA battery family, not all of our batteries are the same. The H6 (also known as Group 48) battery featured in the video above is definitely different than our SPIRALCELL products. Made with PUREFLOW technology, this all-new YELLOWTOP was specially-designed to fit in a very specific space found in many modern cars & trucks. It still uses the same 99.99% pure virgin lead found in our SPIRALCELL batteries and it also features heavy-duty cast straps that connect the cells, which brings us to more differences between batteries.

Most of the cars and trucks on the road today use flooded lead-acid batteries. In those batteries, the lead plates hang in an electrolyte solution. However, all OPTIMA batteries are AGM batteries, which stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. That means the electrolyte in OPTIMA batteries is absorbed by fiberglass matting in between the plates. That makes AGM batteries far more resistant to damage from vibration, helping them perform better and last longer, especially in abusive applications, like off-road trucks. However, OPTIMA batteries take things a step further with their cast straps to connect battery cells, as opposed to the tombstone welds found in most other lead-acid batteries. Again, it's not the cheapest way to build a battery, but we think it is the best.

AGM batteries are sealed, which makes them far less likely to leak and spill battery acid on fancy paint jobs and expensive electrical components. That's one big reason why so many high-performance car owners, like those featured in the video above, choose OPTIMA batteries. They do cost a bit more, but with that premium price comes superior performance, increased safety and longer lifespan. We'll let other car battery brands tell you if there's any difference between their batteries, but we'll tell you that OPTIMA batteries are different than every other car battery out there. If you're ready for an OPTIMA battery, start shopping now.

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