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Posted: Feb 15, 2019

King of the Hammers 2019 Results

The NITTO Tire King of the Hammers, powered by OPTIMA Batteries is just three laps around a course set up in Johnson Valley, California, but they are the toughest, most-demanding laps in all of motorsports. Speeds can go well into the triple digits, but some of the most time can be made up in rocky, technical sections where a pace of just 5 mph is considered fast. According to the Ultra4 Racing website, 109 vehicles started this year's race at just after 8AM local time, but just 29 made it within the time limit allowed, with many finishing after dark. See a massive full gallery of 100 images below and see another 100 images here from this iconic event. Congratulations to all the competitors on even making it into the world's toughest one-day offroad race!

Name Time
1 Jason Scherer 6:32:39
2 Erik Miller 6:38:01
3 Shannon Campbell 7:17:17
4 Marcos Gomez 7:27:42
5 Tom Wayes 7:53:36
6 Jason Shipman 8:06:24
7 Vaughn Gittin Jr 8:07:03
8 Bailey Campbell 8:33:38
9 Dan Fresh 8:57:01
10 Donald Fisher 9:02:36
11 Josh Blyler 9:09:23
12 Michael Heston 9:15:49
13 Paul Horschel 10:08:34
14 Chip McLaughlin 10:11:34
15 Chris Hummer 10:24:29
16 Bryan Crofts 10:31:52
17 Sam Collins 11:18:21
18 Mitchell Thorpe 11:18:53
19 Jake Yeoman 11:27:45
20 Kevin Yoder 11:51:55
21 Scott Pfister 11:54:07
22 George Pronesti 12:01:17
23 Stan Haynes 12:28:12
24 Kris Hicks 12:48:38
25 Dustin Isenhour 13:41:36
26 Chris Paiva 13:57:02
27 Mike Bou 14:49:03
28 Edwin Abd OOT
29 Aaron Kauffman OOT
30 Chris May 15:53:02
31 Brent Goegebuer 16:17:37

Wayland Campbell DNF

Alex Wacker DNF

Nate Gesse DNF

James Sweeney DNF

Randy Watson DNF

Dan Roderick DNF

Bailey Cole DNF

Andrew McLaughlin DNF

Clay Gilstrap DNF

Matt Burkett DNF

Chad Hunt DNF

Mark Danzo DNF

Mel Wade DNF

Derrick Luedtka DNF

Evan Berman DNF

Matt Trebino DNF

Barry Smethurst DNF

Jimmy Haughy DNF

Brian Caprara DNF

Tyson Shimonek DNF

John Hall DNF

Tim Priess DNF

Matthew McCowan DNF

Josh Barkey DNF

Matt Thorson DNF

Mark Nicholson DNF

Neville Ciantar DNF

Inaki Lanzagorta Egia DNF

Mike Feagins DNF

Levi Shirley DNF

Jordan Pellegrino DNF

Nicolas Montador DNF

Kevin Porterfield DNF

JP Gomez DNF

Joey Weber DNF

Jack Graff DNF

Travis Cook DNF

Michael Hen DNF

Nick Nelson DNF

Jason Blanton DNF

Dany Wyrick DNF

Chad Owens DNF

Derek West DNF

Hunter Sparrow DNF

Airen Patrick DNF

Joe Hutchins DNF

Jason Waits DNF

Jeremy Brown DNF

John Matthews DNF

Eric Miramon DNF

Raul Gomez DNF

Jeff McKinlay DNF

Shawn Holland DNF

Randy Slawson DNF

Cody Waggoner DNF

Brendan Thompson DNF

Darren Henke DNF

Kyle Wickham DNF

Michael Bergman DNF

Rusty Blyler DNF

Bart Dixon DNF

Tim Hooper DNF

Darrell Krebsback DNF

Erick Wicks DNF

Loren Healy DNF

Quintin Hilburn DNF

Kenneth Goodall DNF

Rick Waterbury DNF

Greg Adler DNF

Ryan Stambaugh DNF

Matt Howell DNF

Darrell Gray DNF

Brian McVay DNF

Philip McGlinton DNF

Cody Addington DNF

Casey Currie DNF

Rob Inglis DNF

Kevin Hart DNF

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