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Posted: Mar 04, 2020

Reel ’Em In With OPTIMA Brand Ambassador Edwin Evers

OPTIMA® Batteries PowerPro Brand Ambassador Edwin Evers will be visiting four different cities with his Bass Fishing Tour group for a different kind of tour than he’s used to. The goal of this tour is to encourage high school students to get more involved in bass fishing as a passion and a professional sport. Each event will include an appearance by Edwin, a Q&A session with students, and an OPTIMA Batteries product giveaway. The Major League Fishing champion will be kicking off the tour on March 14, 2020 in Garland, TX, followed by appearances in the following cities (dates to be announced):

Even before earning his title as the 2016 Bassmaster Classic winner, Edwin Evers had always been on track to be the best. The Oklahoma native has been fishing ever since he was a kid practicing in his farm pond. From the pond to the deep sea, one of Edwin’s secrets to success is OPTIMA’s BLUETOP marine batteries that provide nonstop power and act as the “heartbeat” of his entire boat. Now with his successful career of hard work and big title wins, Edwin is one of the most successful pro bass anglers in the world. He’s excited to pass along his passion for bass fishing with a new generation of potential pro anglers.

Edwin enjoys sharing his inspirational journey, so follow along with the tour on his social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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