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Posted: Apr 14, 2020

Is AJ From Overhaulin Married?

Adrienne Janic is well-known as "AJ" from the hit TV series Overhaulin' but a lot of folks wonder if she is married. We'll tell you who she is married to and what her husband's connection is to Overhaulin' and OPTIMA's High Performance House Calls

Adrienne Janic may be better known by her initials, "AJ" and the hit TV show she helped host, called Overhaulin' with legendary builder Chip Foose. When you're on a hit TV show, the question is often asked if the stars of those shows are married and if they are, who their spouses are. In the case of AJ, she is married and has been since 1998. AJ's husband is Bud Brutsman, a TV executive whose automotive programming resume not coincidentally includes Overhaulin' and Rides.

AJ and her husband, Bud, teamed up again for OPTIMA, as AJ went on virtual tours of some of the coolest shops in the country in OPTIMA's High Performance House Calls series, which Bud's company produced. In this episode, AJ visits with Darren McKendry, who made a name for himself in Southern California and nationwide as one of the most well-respected car detailers in the country. Check out their episode here and watch the entire series for free on-demand anytime on the OPTIMA Network on Roku.

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