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Posted: Sep 01, 2020

How Many R63 AMG Were Made?

2007 was the only year Mercedes-Benz made an R63 AMG, but how many were produced? We'll look at the rumors in the Power Source blog, as well as the fastest of the bunch

The total production for the 2007-only R63 AMG Mercedes-Benz has never been officially confirmed, but is believed to be in the neighborhood of 200 examples, with perhaps as few as 30 examples making it to the US Market, including this one, which now boasts a Weistec Stage 2 supercharger and produces 700 horsepower. Piloted by Tanner Foust, this Mercedes-Benz minivan set a world record at the 2020 Sandhills Open Road Challenge, as the world's fastest street-legal minivan, hitting 165.5 mph. This particular minivan uses the new OPTIMA H6 YELLOWTOP battery for starting power.

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