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Posted: Sep 08, 2020

Who Has the Best Price on Car Batteries?

It's always disappointing to see otherwise reputable sources of information offering bad advice on car batteries, but that's often what happens when the question comes up about who has the best price on car batteries. Would you come to the OPTIMA Batteries website seeking advice on which credit card companies offer the best interest rates or which mutual funds have the lowest fees? Of course not and we wouldn't pretend to offer good advice on subjects outside our area of expertise, but we can tell you a lot about car battery pricing.

From the singular standpoint of pricing, your local junkyard is likely to have the best prices on car batteries, but is that really the answer you wanted? After all, a car battery isn't just a car battery. A car battery is how you get to work on time, how your kids get to school safely, how you car starts when it's 10 degrees outside, how ice cream gets home from the supermarket before it melts and so much more. A junkyard car battery may offer the best price up front, but it also offers an unknown service history and little or no warranty protection. Those unknown variables can leave you vulnerable for a battery failure shortly after making your purchase. If that happens, how much will that failure cost you? A missed flight and costly re-booking fee with an airline? A missed recital? A costly tow truck call?

If a junkyard battery isn't what you had in mind, then perhaps shopping for a car battery based on price isn't such a good idea after all? If reliability is also an important consideration, you may not find a direct correlation with low prices, as evidenced by the junkyard example. If you consider how much you value your own time, then the prospect of how often you might need to spend time replacing your battery should also be a consideration.

OPTIMA Batteries are not the cheapest batteries available, but we firmly believe you get what you pay for when buying car batteries. 99.99% pure virgin lead, cast-on straps, absorbed glass mat technology and our unique SPIRALCELL design all have a purpose behind them- to maximize battery performance and lifespan and you won't find all of those features in any other battery on the market. We just heard from a consumer on Facebook the other day, who is on year 14 with a pair of OPTIMA batteries in their truck. While not the norm, that's certainly not unheard of from OPTIMA batteries.

If you want a battery that has that kind of potential, head over to the OPTIMA Batteries fitment guide. If you still want the cheapest battery, head over to your local junkyard and cross your fingers!

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