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Compare REDTOP® vs. YELLOWTOP® Batteries

Compare the Differences Between REDTOP® vs. YELLOWTOP® vs. BLUETOP® Batteries. Why Choose OPTIMA® Batteries? Compare REDTOP® vs. YELLOWTOP® Batteries What does the OPTIMA SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® design do? Who should I contact if I have questions about OPTIMA® Batteries products? Why does an OPTIMA® battery have a longer life than other batteries? Why does an OPTIMA® Battery have a low rate of self-discharge? What is a gel battery? Is OPTIMA® a gel battery? Does an OPTIMA® battery ever gas? Deep-Cycle Battery What’s the difference between an OPTIMA® deep-cycle and a starter battery? Battery Safety Tips Battery Terms, Definitions, and Glossary Guide to Find the Battery That Best Fits Your Vehicle Why doesn’t my vehicle show up on the fitment guide? OPTIMA® Marine Battery Video Tips
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When selecting a battery, engine starting performance or cold-cranking amps (CCA), and size obviously matter, but there are other considerations. Where and how you use your vehicle and the electronic load that your battery supports should be considered. Energy recovery and cycling performance are also quickly becoming important considerations. In some applications, they are even more important than CCA.

OPTIMA REDTOP - A Starting Battery with Serious Power

OPTIMA REDTOP Starting Battery for Cars

An OPTIMA REDTOP is perfect for starting applications where your vehicle's engine requires high amperage output in short bursts. The discharge cycle is shallow and the alternator takes over after the battery starts your car. Daily drivers love the REDTOP, as do drivers of classic cars, show cars and SUVs.

OPTIMA YELLOWTOP - Dual-Purpose Deep-Cycle Battery to Power Electronics and Start Your Engine with Power

OPTIMA YELLOWTOP Deep-Cycle Battery for Cars

If you're looking for a reliable battery for starting your vehicle and to support a load of electronic accessories, including winches, audio systems, an OPTIMA YELLOWTOP deep-cycle battery is the right choice. The YELLOWTOP battery is also ideal in vehicles that don't have an alternator or have electrical demands that temporarily exceed the alternator's output. It helps meet those high electrical demands until you're able to recharge.

YELLOWTOP batteries provide deep-cycle power. This allows you to enjoy all of your electronic accessories while your vehicle is off, such as audio systems, DVD players or underbody lights. For off-roaders, your battery will allow you to winch your way out of precarious situations. There are also a number of key-off draws that pull energy from your battery, including clocks, alarm systems, digital radios (station settings) and onboard computer systems. You'll be able to pull all of this power from your YELLOWTOP with the confidence that your battery's energy will recover time after time.