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Why doesn’t my vehicle show up on the fitment guide?

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Unfortunately, OPTIMA® does not offer an exact-fit replacement battery for every application. You can measure the dimensions of your existing stock battery to see if there’s an OPTIMA battery that will work for your vehicle. Below is a link to the product specification page where you can find exact dimensions for all OPTIMA batteries:

View our products spec pages to find the exact dimensions.

Alternately, you can check the Internet enthusiast forums for your vehicle to see how others have created custom fitments for their OPTIMA batteries.

Custom Fitment Application Considerations

If you are using an OPTIMA battery in a custom fitment application, it is important to consider the following:

  • Hood clearance – There should be at least ¾ inch clearance between the top of the battery terminals and the underside of the hood.
  • Trunk/interior mounting – If your battery is mounted inside the passenger compartment or trunk (common in many European makes), the battery must be vented to the outside of the vehicle. OPTIMA group 27, 51, DS46B24R, 78, 34C, 31 and H6 batteries all have ports for connecting a vent hose.
  • Side terminals – OPTIMA 34/78, D34/78, 75/25 and D75/25 batteries have both top and side terminals. If you are using one of these batteries in a vehicle that uses the top terminals, it is important to ensure that the side terminals cannot come into contact with anything metallic (for example, the firewall or fender well), thereby causing a short. We suggest keeping the post protectors on the terminals you are not using. A winch should only be connected to the automotive posts.
  • Battery modifications – Cutting, drilling, trimming or otherwise modifying your OPTIMA battery may present a safety hazard and will void the warranty.
  • Mounting – Your OPTIMA battery must be securely mounted. The terminals are not intended to be used to secure the battery. Using the terminals in this way will damage the battery and void your warranty.

Some battery charger manufacturers claim more charging stages or modes mean a better charger. More isn't better; the way the charging modes are designed is more important than the number of charging modes.