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Battery Maintenance

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The OPTIMA® battery is truly carefree. When it's maintained properly you won't have to worry about leaking, corrosion or gassing. Inspect your battery terminal connections every now and then to ensure they are clean, snug and protected from the elements.

Open circuit voltage (OCV) and storage:

OCV: 34 / 34R / 34/78 / 34M / 75/25 / 78 / 35 / 25 (about 12.6-12.8 volts for a new, fully charged battery)

D34 / D34/78 / D27M / D31M / D27F / D75/25 / D35 / D31T / D31A / D51 / D51R / DS46B24R / D34M (about 13.0-13.2 volts for a new, fully charged battery)

These guidelines are for typical consumer applications. For military, commercial applications, or new equipment design, please contact OPTIMA for additional technical information and assistance.