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Because of the high-purity lead grid in the OPTIMA battery, it has a self-discharge rate much lower than conventional flat-plate batteries. This means the OPTIMA battery can sit for longer periods retaining enough charge to start your vehicle when stored and maintained properly. Depending on storage temperature and the state of charge when put into storage, it can usually sit for eight to 12 months and still start most vehicles.

When possible, store your battery in a cool, dry location. Check the battery voltage every six months and charge if it falls below 12.4 volts.

Remember, newer vehicles with onboard electronics such as computers, LCD screens, game systems, GPS units, clocks, etc., require battery power to retain system memory while the vehicle is parked. If the vehicle is to be stored for long periods, you should use a maintenance charger to compensate for this drain. During maintenance, the voltage should be regulated between 13.2 and 13.8 volts, one amp maximum. On older vehicles without electronics, disconnect the battery cables when the vehicle is not being used for extended periods.

How should I store my OPTIMA battery?

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