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Why do I need my receipt for warranty service?

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The OPTIMA factory warranty policy requires a receipt from the original purchaser. Your purchase receipt:

  1. Establishes the beginning date of service.
  2. Identifies you as the original purchaser.
  3. Identifies that the battery is used in a consumer (not commercial) application.
  4. Identifies the sale as a retail purchase of a new and unused OPTIMA Battery.

An OPTIMA battery does not have a lifetime warranty. Your initial purchase of an OPTIMA battery carries a warranty based on the model and type of usage. If your OPTIMA battery is replaced under the warranty policy, your replacement battery carries a warranty period from the original OPTIMA purchase date. Warranty replacement batteries do not carry a new warranty. The only way for us to determine your original battery purchase date is to have the original receipt.

The same OPTIMA battery model that you purchased is used in many demanding commercial applications. Those applications carry a much different warranty than our consumer warranty. In addition, some OPTIMA batteries are provided to customers for testing or sponsorships. These batteries may not carry a warranty. Lastly, even though OPTIMA discourages this practice, some battery specialists may recondition OPTIMA products that have been returned for warranty replacement. These batteries could be resold and they would have absolutely no factory warranty coverage. Though we pride ourselves in the relationships we have with our distributors, and we have numerous programs and incentives to have defective batteries returned to us, we cannot have complete control over what happens with every returned battery.