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AGM- Absorbent Glass-Mat Separators inside an OPTIMA Battery


Sealed Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries like OPTIMA® Batteries do not spill, sulfate or degrade like flooded batteries do. AGM design holds the electrolyte in suspension while keeping it in constant contact with the active lead material on the plates. This results in higher efficiency when both discharging and recharging.

AGM design offers lower internal resistance and greater plate area, which provides superior starting power, the ability to recharge much faster and higher voltage characteristics during discharge.


  • Impressively high cranking characteristics in a small battery
  • Higher charge acceptance during AGM battery-charging
  • Sealed maintenance-free design
  • Virtually spill-proof
  • Shock and vibration-resistant
  • More power per pound as compared to standard batteries
  • Long service life

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