10 Best Fox Body Mustangs in the World of OPTIMA

The Ford Mustang is an American original and an iconic ponycar that created a revolution in the automotive industry. Over the years, this car has gained quite a following and we've come across quite a few of them at dragstrips, open road races, the Hot Rod Power Tour, Cars & Coffee and elsewhere. While many folks commonly (and correctly) refer to Mustangs built between 1978 and 1993 as "Fox Body" Mustangs, the fact of the matter is that Ford continued using the Fox body through the 2004 model year, after making major revisions for the 1994 model year.

There were also quite a few other vehicles in Ford's lineup that utilized the Fox platform, including the Ford Fairmont, Mercury Zephyr, Ford Durango, Ford Granada, Ford LTD, Mercury Cougar, Mercury Marquis, Lincoln Continental, Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln Continental Mark VII and Mercury Capri. While the cars you see below don't include most of those variants, we did throw in a few Mercury Capris, just because they are so-closely associated with the third generation Mustangs from the Foxbody platform.

Which Fox Body Mustang is your favorite? Is it a car like Curt Johnson's '93 notchback that we watched run the quarter mile in 8.88 seconds at 154 mph during Hot Rod's Dragweek or maybe something more along the lines of Gregg Biddlingmeier's '88 Mustang that competes in OPTIMA's Search for the Ultimate Street Car Series or maybe even just a fun droptop 5.0? Have a look at the massive Mustang gallery below, pick your 10 favorites and share your them with your friends. If you have one of these Mustangs, make sure you keep the battery topped off with an OPTIMA Battery Charger.