1965 Mustang Battery Size

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

Does your 1965 Ford Mustang need a replacement battery? You've come to the right place, as we have several to choose from. Why isn't there one single battery group size for the '65 Ford Mustang? Because the battery tray and location allows for several different batteries to fit in that space, depending on your needs. You can see all your different 1965 Mustang battery size options here, but we'll also mention that the Group 34R, Group 35 and the Group 34/78 are all considered direct-fit upgrade options.

While '65 Mustangs had four different engine options, including two six-cylinder choices and two V8 choices, the replacement battery options pretty much remain constant. There is some variance between the three group sizes we mentioned, including which side of the battery the positive and negative posts are located on, as well as where the posts are positioned (the 34/78 has both side and top termination). We also offer batteries in both YELLOWTOP and REDTOP configurations.

REDTOP batteries are designed & warrantied for SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) applications, while YELLOWTOPs can be used in both starting and deep-cycle applications. Most vehicles will do just fine with a REDTOP, but if your '65 Mustang has significant electrical demands, like a car alarm or you like playing the radio for extended periods of time with the engine off, you should consider a YELLOWTOP battery. Most '65 Mustangs don't see regular use, so it's also a good idea to keep your battery topped off with a quality battery charger, that will help extend the life of your battery and improve it's performance when you need it.