1967 Mustang Battery

OPTIMA Batteries
Milwaukee, WI

Older cars and trucks tend to offer a little more flexibility when it comes to car battery sizes and the 1967 Ford Mustang is no exception. The OPTIMA Batteries fitment guide indicates several different OPTIMA batteries will fit in '67 Mustangs. These batteries include our Group 34 batteries, which include the 34R and 34/78, as well as the YELLOWTOP D34/78 battery. While our fitment guide doesn't call out the Group 34 REDTOP specifically, if the 34R fits and the 34/78 REDTOP fits, the 34 REDTOP will probably fit as well, as the "34" designates the positions of the top terminals (the "R" indicates the positive and negative terminal positions are reversed).

Another group of batteries also fits the 1967 Ford Mustang, the Group 35 battery, which is available from OPTIMA in both REDTOP and YELLOWTOP varieties. So what is the different between a REDTOP and a YELLOWTOP? The REDTOP has slightly more cranking amps than it's YELLOWTOP counterpart, while the YELLOWTOP has slightly more reserve capacity and the ability to be deep-cycled. Most cars on the road will do just fine with a REDTOP, especially cars from the era of the '67 Mustang, which do not typically have significant electrical accessories. Those that do have significant electrical accessories, like a car alarm or aftermarket stereo system, might be better-served with a YELLOWTOP battery. Whether you choose a REDTOP or YELLOWTOP for your '67 Mustang, a great companion accessory is a quality battery maintenance device, which will help ensure your car is ready to go whenever you're ready to drive it. This is especially true for vehicles that only see occasional use, which is likely the case for most of the early-Mustangs.