1972 Ford Mustang Battery

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Some day, someone will have to explain to us why the straight six-equipped '72 Ford Mustangs could accommodate a gigantic Group D27F YELLOWTOP battery, while that wasn't available for either of the V8 options. Until then, we'll be content in letting you know that 1972 Ford Mustang owners typically had their pick of batteries, with most of the choices being far smaller, lighter and more affordable than the giant Group 27 battery.

Other options for the six-cylinder Mustangs included the Group 35 battery in either a REDTOP or YELLOWTOP or the Group 75/25 batteries, also available in either a REDTOP or YELLOWTOP. As is the case for all REDTOP and YELLOWTOP batteries, the REDTOPs are well-suited for the stock or nearly-stock applications, while the YELLOWTOPs are a better choice for vehicles that have significant electrical modifications (including underdrive pulleys).

The 302-equipped '72 Mustangs had the same four batteries to choose from as the six-cylinder ponycars between the Group 75/25 batteries and the Group 35 batteries, while the big 351s had those options, as well as the slightly larger, slightly more-powerful Group 34R REDTOP.

Whatever battery you choose for your Mustang, we can't emphasize enough the importance of properly-securing your battery in your vehicle. When we go to collector car auctions, we are constantly amazed at the number of cars and trucks that roll across the block with batteries sitting in an engine compartment, held in place by nothing more than the cables attached to the terminals. That is an absolute recipe for disaster, as soon as those car hit a bumpy road or take a turn too fast. It can also lead to premature damage and battery failure, if the weight of the battery tugging on the terminals eventually damages the terminals (that type of damage from misuse is also not covered under the battery warranty).

So don't take chances with your classic Mustang, especially if you plan on doing wheels-up drag racing, like Tex Miller, who races his '72 Mustang in NHRA stock eliminator. Keep your battery properly-charged (at least 12.6V) and safely-secured at all times and it will serve you well. You can buy OPTIMA batteries for your Mustang on our website and have them shipped to your front door!