2004 BMW 330xi Battery

OPTIMA Batteries
Kissimmee, Florid
With the release of the DH7 YELLOWTOP, OPTIMA batteries now offers direct-fit replacement batteries for many late-model BMWs, including the 2004 BMW 330xi. Modern vehicles place a lot of electrical demands on their batteries and the DH7 YELLOWTOP is made with 99.99% pure virgin lead and thick, cast straps that allow for maximum current flow- cranking power when you need it and the ability to quickly recharge quickly. 

All OPTIMA batteries are also sealed, which minimizes the chance of damage from leaking acid. We recommend keeping your DH7 YELLOWTOP fully-charged to about 13.0-13.2 volts whenever possible to maximize performance and lifespan. Even vehicles that are driven on a daily basis can slowly discharge their batteries. That's why we recommend topping off the charge on your battery once a month on daily-driven vehicles and keeping your battery connected to a quality battery maintenance device, if your vehicles sees seasonal or infrequent use.

We're so confident proper voltage maintenance will extend the lifespan of the battery in your BMW, we'll add a year of free warranty replacement coverage, if you buy an OPTIMA battery from us and a Digital 1200 charger at the same time.