2006 BMW M3 Battery Size

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Blacksburg, VA
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What size battery will fit into the 2006 BMW M3? The quick answer is an H6 OPTIMA Batteries YELLOWTOP, but the truth is there's more to changing out batteries in many late-model BMWs, than just knowing which size battery will fit. Most newer BMWs require new replacement batteries to be registered with the vehicle's charging system. While a shadetree mechanic with the proper tools can properly-register their battery in their newer BMW, the procedure is no longer as simple as disconnecting the terminals and loosening the hold down on one battery and replacing it with another.

If you run into trouble registering a new OPTIMA YELLOWTOP H6 or any other battery in your BMW, you can always take it to the dealer and have them register the battery for you, although you shouldn't wait long after installing the battery to do that. If you don't drive your BMW M3 on a regular basis, it would also be a good idea to keep your BMW battery topped off with a quality battery maintenance device, like the OPTIMA Digital 400 Charger & Maintainer.