2011 OUSCI Preview - "Xecution" '66 Mustang


Just when everyone was beginning to think the 2011 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by Wilwood Brakes and KN Filters, was strictly a bowtie affair, we present to you a representative from the Blue Oval camp. CorteX Precision Racing Technology built this '66 Mustang, which they call, "Xecution," to have performance on par with NASA AIX, ALMS, and SCCA World Challenge vehicles and still maintain some level of street drivability.

These guys are up to their eyeballs in all kinds of race cars, so we think it's safe to say they know what they're doing. In fact, "Sir" Filip Trojanek doesn't just wrench on these cars, he races them and makes regular podium appearances in the American V8 Super Car Series. Is it too early to start mentioning dark horse favorites?

A vision of what a car should be and a racing pedigree are only part of the equation. Has this Mustang been built to a level capable of competing for a win in the OUSCI? On the surface, an LS7 engine producing 568 horsepower and 508 lb.-ft. of torque might seem somewhat modest, considering last year's winner, Mark Stielow's Red Devil Camaro, was throwing down 750+ horsepower. However, the crew at CorteX also put this pony car on a diet, bringing the car in at a svelte 2,820 pounds, with a very balanced 52/48 weight distribution.

The Mustang is rolling test bed for CPRT and as you'd expect, it is packed with their products. The list includes 1 7/8-inch CorteX racing headers, a CorteX Racing cambered (-1.0°) Full floating 9″ rearend with a CorteX Racing Watts link and adjustable torque arm. Up front, there is a CorteX Geometry SLA front, tubular K-member, anti-roll bar, and RADIAL X spindles. In street trim, the Mustang rolls on 305/35 series tires, but in track trim, it can easily accomodate 335/30 series meat on 18-inch wheels. The OUSCI does have a minimum 200-treadwear requirement, so it will be interesting to see what combination they bring to Pahrump.

Sometimes we wonder if mentioning the suspension and handling upgrades on a vehicle causes the eyes of some of our readers to glaze over. If someone wanted to quantify the performance of this Mustang in straightline terms, they'd be talking 10.70 at 128 mph...on the car's second pass ever down the strip. CorteX may be a newcomer to the OUSCI, but they have a car that goes fast, corners well and a driver who knows his way around a racetrack. That sounds like a fairly potent combination to us! If you'd like to read the full rundown on this car, click here. If you'd like to hear 427 cubes roaring on the dyno, click here. If you want to see this car in action, buy a ticket to the 2011 OUSCI.