2013 OUSCI Preview- Larry Woo's 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

Ultimate Streetcar
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Las Vegas, NV

To say Larry Woo has had a busy year would be stating the obvious. The weekend before Larry picked up an invite to the 2013 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by Royal Purple and K&N Filters, at Road America, he was in Springfield, Massachusetts, winning the Goodguys East Coast Nationals Autocross. This earned Larry his second consecutive invite to the Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year competition, but his success on the track there didn't necessarily transfer to the OPTIMA Faceoff the following weekend.

At Road America, Larry finished a solid 24th in the Ridetech Autocross, but was mid-pack in 34th place in the BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge. He was also one of five competitors, who failed to log a clean run in the Wilwood Speed/Stop Challenge, underscoring the pressure that can accompany that event. Regardless, his Camaro ran well all day and looked fantastic doing it. By the end of the weekend, Larry found himself with another invite to a national event.

We weren't able to catch up with Larry after the Faceoff, but we're not surprised either. Between all the other Goodguys events he ran and time spent making changes to his car, Larry has been a very busy man. What has been going on with (or into) his car since Road America? We can start with a new floater rear end from GMR as well as a new dash display from MoTeC.

However, the big news for a lot of folks is BFGoodrich's new Rival tires, which Larry has installed on a set of Forgeline CF3C wheels that feature a Centerlock Conversion kit (not pictured). How big did he go? How about 295-series tires up front and 325s in the back, rolling on 19-inch wheels (he has gone as large as 305/345).

What powers it all? Larry didn't get too specific with us on what is currently under the hood, but we know his F-body has been spending some quality time with the folks at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Raft Racing and his boosted LS-based engine now generates over 600 horsepower and nearly as much torque to the wheels on eight pounds of intercooled Magnacharger boost.

While most of the Detroit Speed Engineering catalog resides somewhere in Larry's car, other items, like brakes and shocks seem to change, as Woo hunts for the perfect combination. Currently, he cites Stoptech and Hawk as stopping sponsors and JRi for his shocks. Larry's car is also on a strict carbon fiber diet with a hood and deck lid from Anvil and bucket seats from a Porsche GT2, all of which helps drop his weight down into the range of 3,500 pounds.

Performance-wise, Woo's Camaro appears to have all the right ingredients, but the attention to detail in the car's overall appearance is also obvious. All of the glass is new (and is actually glass), the chrome that hasn't been blacked out is flawless and the interior features a faux ostrich pattern on the doors and dashboard.

Even though Larry may not have the years of track experience that some OUSCI competitors have, he has proven to find his way up a steep learning curve rather quickly. Voekel, Popp and Bertelsen are just a few of the top OUSCI contenders, who have finished behind Larry at some Goodguys events recently. Just because his name may not be as familiar to OUSCI fans as Finch, Tucker and Stielow doesn't mean he should be ignored. Both Woo and his Camaro are serious players and will be ones to watch in Pahrump.

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