2013 OUSCI Recap- Detroit Speed Road Rally

Ultimate Streetcar
OPTIMA Batteries
Las Vegas, NV

Another OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI), presented by Royal Purple and K&N Filters, is in the books and a new champion has been crowned- Brian Hobaugh's spectacular 1965 Chevrolet Corvette. OPTIMA would like to congratulate Brian and all the other OUSCI competitors for a great event! Now that things are starting to settle down, we'd like to recap the OUSCI, devoting a blog post to each event, starting with the Detroit Speed Road Rally.

Returning OUSCI competitors would probably consider the 2013 version of the Detroit Speed Road Rally to be slightly less-demanding than those of past years. However, several competitors were still unable to score the maximum number of points available (ten) for a variety of reasons. As in years past, OUSCI competitors left the SEMA Show and proceeded to various locations and checkpoints in and around the Las Vegas area.

However, unlike years past, the final destination for the Detroit Speed Road Rally was the Shelby American headquarters near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where tours of the facility, food and drinks were provided. Once competitors checked in at Shelby, they were free to move on and either make their way up to Pahrump for the night or head back to their hotel in Las Vegas. For some golden ticket invitees, that meant last-minute adjustments to give themselves the best opportunity to compete on the track the next day.

However, a few competitors bypassed the Detroit Speed Road Rally entirely, forfeiting the points associated with it and disqualifying themselves from competing for the OUSCI title. The OUSCI rules clearly state "all event participants must compete in all segments of the event to qualify for any awards" and citing that rule, the Race Directors moved the competitors who bypassed the Detroit Speed Road Rally portion of the competition to "Exhibition" status. This allows them to participate in all the OUSCI events, but does not allow them to compete for or win any awards, including the title of Ultimate Street Car.

A lot is said about "the spirit of the event" at the OUSCI and while some folks may not consider the Detroit Speed Road Rally to be that big of a deal, it is a huge deal to us. The Detroit Speed Road Rally portion is what distinguishes the OUSCI from so many other events out there that only focus on performance at the track. Without the Detroit Speed Road Rally, there would be no "S" in OUSCI and OPTIMA might as well open the floodgates to any car and driver who wanted to compete.

This is a street car event and while the road rally portion may not seem beyond the capabilities of our competitors, there always seems to be a few cars and drivers who don't make it to the end for a variety of reasons. In past years, the Detroit Speed Road Rally has taken drivers through rain and even snow-covered mountain passes, subjecting the cars to all the normal risks associated with driving on public roads. This could include damaging a one-off, custom wheel on a pothole or having a distracted driver run into a competitor's car, while trying to get a closer look.

It is unfair to all competitors that do subject their vehicles to those risks, to allow others to compete if they have not done the same. OPTIMA encourages competitors to drive their cars both on the track and on the street and it is not in keeping with the spirit of the event to forgo either. If Matt Farah can drive his topless Corvette through a snow storm to compete in the OUSCI in 2011, every other competitor should be able to navigate a few checkpoints in and around Las Vegas.

OPTIMA also films all segments of the OUSCI for future TV coverage (which you can watch for free and on-demand on the OPTIMA Network on Roku). It may not negatively impact the way the event is filmed if one or two cars miss any portion of it, but if half the field decided they didn't need to participate in an event, it would create a serious issue.

The Detroit Speed Engineering Road Rally brings an exciting and unique dynamic to the OUSCI and OPTIMA would like to thank everyone at Detroit Speed for sponsoring the Road Rally and being such a great partner in promoting this event!

Competitors who attempted to complete the 2013 Detroit Speed Road Rally include:

Driver Car # Points
Mark Stielow 1967 Camaro 01 10
Mike Holleman '65 El Camino 02 10
Matt Alcala 1969 Camaro 03 10
John Kundrat 1964 Corvette 04 10
Steve Kepler 2013 GT-R 05 10
Damion Campbell 1963 LeMans 06 10
Dennis Prunty '81 Trans Am 07 10
Ken Edwards 1966 Mustang 09 10
Larry Woo 1968 Camaro 10 10
Lynda Jacobs 1966 Chevelle 12 10
Richard Hoback 2007 M6 13 10
Steve Mott 2003 350Z 14 10
Chris Moore 1972 Maverick 15 10
Brian Hobaugh 1965 Corvette 16 10
Brian Finch 1971 Camaro 17 10
James Shipka 1967 Camaro 18 10
Kyle Tucker 2012 Camaro 19 10
Bret Voelkel 1933 Ford Coupe 20 10
Danny Popp 2010 Camaro 21 10
Stacy Tucker 1969 Camaro 22 10
Tim Katz 1966 Nova 23 10
Bruce Raymond 2006 GTO 24 10
Mark Capener 2013 Viper 25 10
John Lazorack 1988 Conquest 26 10
Troy Ladd 2014 Mustang 27 10
Todd Earsley 2003 Evo 28 10
Randy Johnson 1973 Camaro 29 10
Robert Benson 1972 Pantera 30 10
Chris Smith 1967 C10 32 10
Dave Eckert 1969 Mach 40 33 10
Richard Caleel 2010 CTS-V 34 10
Lou Krukar 2010 Mustang 35 10
Todd Treffert 2012 SLS 36 10
David Stundon 2009 Mustang 37 10
Josh Smith 1996 320i Touring 38 10
Matt Adams 1977 Camaro 39 10
Jason Overell 2013 STi 41 10
Betim Berisha 2008 997TT 42 10
Dax Snow 2009 Gallardo 44 10
William Horan 2010 R8 45 10
Jonathan Ward 1950 Thriftmaster 46 10
Corey Weber 1969 Mustang 47 10
Mark German 2013 Focus 49 10
Alan Palmer 1965 Mustang 50 10
Ed Moss 1967 Mustang 51 10
Karl Dunn 1968 Camaro 52 10
Joe Delgado 1995 Supra 53 10
Darren Nickleson 1969 GTO 54 10
Jason Crouch 2012 Golf R 55 10
Cheryl Herrick 1966 Nova 60 10
Boris Tilim 2012 Abarth 61 10
Robert McGaffin 1965 442 11 8
Jonathan Ward 1946 Coupe 40 8
Jim Stancel 2014 SLS 43 2