2014 Lingenfelter Performance Design Challenge Results


The Lingenfelter Performance Design Challenge always proves to be one of the most-difficult elements of the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, presented by KN Filters. After all, the cars in the field are already some of the best of the best in the entire automotive aftermarket. To ask even the most-qualified group of judges to delve into this field of incredible machines and attempt to attach points to these builds is an extraordinary challenge and we greatly appreciate the efforts of our esteemed panel of judges for the 2014 edition.

The 2014 judges include Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods, Steve Strope of Pure Vision, automotive journalist, Jeff Smith and Dave Ross of Busta Design. As with the Detroit Speed Road Rally, all competitors who presented their vehicles for judging in this event received points, driving home the importance of competing vehicles not only performing well on the track, but being street-driven, show-stoppers. As with all segments of the OUSCI, if competitors do not attempt to compete in this event they are automatically moved to the exhibition class. Competitors listed in the exhibition class here may have presented their car for judging in the Lingenfelter Performance Design Challenge, but may have been moved to exhibition due to their status in other segments.

JF Launier's Riddler-winning 1964 Buick Riviera took home top honors, but knowing the quality of the cars and trucks in the field, he set the appropriate tone at the awards ceremony, indicating he didn't really care that he won any awards, because he was just happy to be a part of the OUSCI competition. Here are the results:

NameCar #VehiclePointsRank
JF Launier781964 Buick Riviera20.71
Alan Palmer821959 Chevrolet Corvette20.2332
Dan Livezey231964 Chevrolet Corvette20.0673
Bob Bertelsen151969 Chevrolet C1020.0334
Mark Stielow641969 Chevrolet Camaro19.85
Larry Nguyen951972 Plymouth Cuda19.76
Robert Jackson321967 Volvo Amazon19.3677
Brian Hobaugh11965 Chevrolet Corvette19.1338
Gordon Phillips791955 Chevrolet Bel Air199
Cris Gonzalez521970 Dodge Challenger18.96710
Jane Thurmond261964 Chevrolet Corvette18.86711
Matt Dowd801967 Ford Mustang18.86711
Ed Moss811967 Ford Mustang18.86711
Mark Frazier171971 Datsun 240Z18.76714
Dave Tucci741970 Ford Mustang18.715
Cheryl Herrick941967 Chevrolet Nova18.715
Ceasar Martinez841966 Ford Mustang18.66717
Chris Smith481967 Chevrolet C1018.66717
John Lazorack III21988 Chrysler Conquest18.619
Billy Utley411972 Chevrolet Nova18.56720
Rodger Lee771970 Chevrolet Chevelle18.56720
Dan Long972015 Dodge Challenger18.56720
Scott Sengpiel381993 Mazda RX-718.53323
Jake Rozelle31969 Chevrolet Camaro18.53323
Kyle Tucker61970 Chevrolet Camaro18.525
Joey Seely852007 Porsche 997 TT18.525
Sam Farrington501966 Chevrolet Chevelle18.43327
Ranvek Brandon222006 Mitsubishi Evo18.428
William Horan1022012 Mercedes SLS18.36729
Brandy Phillips1041972 Chevrolet C1018.33330
Jeff Montgomery91963 Chevrolet Corvette18.331
Dan Howe81984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS18.26732
Rick Hoback551999 Chevrolet Corvette18.26732
Murray Pfaff722002 Mini Cooper S18.26732
Mike Maier181966 Ford Mustang18.16735
Douglas Wind372004 Dodge SRT418.13336
Jordan Priestley562011 Chevrolet Camaro1837
Greg Schneider541966 Chevrolet Chevelle1837
Bret Voelkel491967 Chevrolet Camaro1837
Steve Kepler342013 Nissan GT-R17.93340
Danny Popp102003 Chevrolet Corvette17.86741
Ryan Volk512014 Ford GT50017.83342
Mike Copeland1031986 Buick Grand National17.843
James Shipka441967 Chevrolet Camaro17.76744
Betim Berisha192011 Porsche 911TT17.73345
Cliff Elliott762011 Ford Mustang17.746
Duke Langley242012 Chevrolet Corvette17.746
Terry Fair332011 Ford Mustang17.746
Mark Capener632004 Lamborghini Gallardo17.66749
Paul Kobza882008 Mercedes CLK63 AMG17.66749
Hartmut Feyhl922014 Mercedes E63 AMG17.63351
Jose Munguia712005 Acura RSX17.652
Ryan Mathews452010 Chevrolet Camaro17.652
Martin Pond211980 Ford Fairmont17.652
Dan Ballard531972 Chevrolet Nova17.652
Bryan Johnson132013 Chevrolet Camaro17.56756
Rhett Panter682000 Acura Integra17.56756
James Stancel732012 Mercedes C63 AMG17.56756
Aaron Oberle611965 Chevrolet Chevelle17.53359
Todd Earsley302003 Mitsubishi Evo17.560
Todd Rumpke692006 Chevrolet Corvette17.46761
Rodney Prouty111968 Chevrolet Camaro17.46761
Randall Farless361996 Nissan 240SX17.46761
Ken Thwaits282014 Chevrolet Camaro17.43364
Chris Porter461986 Por-che 94817.43364
AJ Santiago72011 Nissan GT-R17.466
Filip Trojanek1012015 Ford Mustang17.466
Andrew Nier422012 Ford Mustang17.36768
Ronnie Soliman142006 Mitsubishi Evo17.36768
Steve Loudin932008 Dodge Viper17.36768
Joe Escobar471974 Ford Pinto17.33371
Ron Adee752009 Nissan GT-R17.33371
Shawn Carroll572008 Mitsubishi Evo17.373
D-H Kijora252014 Mercedes CLA45 AMG17.373
Deb Farrington311964 Chevrolet Chevelle17.23375
Steve Collins862013 Cadillac CTS-V17.23375
Justin Stone432015 Subaru WRX17.277
Larry Woo202012 Porsche 911 Turbo S17.16778
Mike Langford982013 Subaru BRZ17.16778
Karl Dunn272002 Chevrolet Corvette17.180
Monty Pack602011 Porsche GT3 RS17.180
Jakey Sampson352010 Chevrolet Camaro17.180
Andy Smedegard122001 Honda S200017.06783
Ken Suen702013 Honda Civic17.06784
Herman Porter581985 Porsche 91117.03385
Casey Wallace42011 Nissan GTR1786
Matt Alcala392012 Ford GT50016.93387
Michael Werner162008 Mercedes CLK6316.83388
Bradley Yonkers402002 Chevrolet Corvette16.889
Tim Strange591968 Chevrolet Camaro16.889
Mike McClish902012 Chevrolet Corvette16.66791
Wes Drelleshak51959 Chevrolet Apache15.16792
NameCar #Vehicle  
Troy Martin991953 Ford Ranch Wagon19.9 
Randy Johnson291973 Chevrolet Camaro19.2 
Zeke Peterson672001 Volkswagen GTI19.1 
Tim Vest891948 Buick Super 818.733 
Tom Farrington651973 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser  
Chris Jacobs662010 Chevrolet Camaro  
Robby Unser961965 Chevrolet Nova  
Robert Wilson832014 SCR1  
Hal Baer871969 Ford Mustang  
Mike Cavanah621966 Chevrolet Chevelle  
Ryan Graham1002014 Cadillac ATS