2015 Charger Hellcat Battery

OPTIMA Batteries
Orange County, FL
The 2015 Dodge Hellcat Charger has an extremely loyal following and a special place in the world of modern musclecars. 707 horsepower has a way of doing that with gearheads, but what about the battery these cars use? The OPTIMA DH7 YELLOWTOP is a direct-fit replacement for these magnificent Mopars and these batteries offer the electrical equivalent of high horsepower that these cars require.

880 cold cranking amps is more than enough power to get these engines started, but these batteries really shine in the area of reserve capacity, where the DH7 YELLOWTOP is rated as an 80Ah battery. Why is that important? Because most of these Hellcats don't see daily use and modern vehicles still consume a significant amount of electricity, even when the engine isn't running. Auto manufacturers know this and as a result, they have been installing increasingly larger batteries from the factory. That way, a car that only gets driven on the weekends or a few times a month will have enough power in the battery when it's time to start.

The OPTIMA DH7 YELLOWTOP weighs in at a hefty 60.5 pounds, but when you're dealing with batteries of this size, more weight is better. If the dimensions of the battery are the same, but one ways 14 pounds less than the other, don't you wonder why? OPTIMA batteries weigh more than other batteries, because we use all the space available inside the battery and we mechanically pack in as many plates as we can, to maximize performance and then connect all the cells with robust, cast straps (most batteries use weaker, cheaper tombstone welds).

If there's no replacement for displacement, more pounds will get you more sounds. However, even if you choose to go with an OPTIMA DH7 YELLOWTOP as a replacement battery for your Hellcat, if you don't use it as a daily driver, you would be doing your battery a great favor while maximizing performance and lifespan, if you kept it fully-charged with a quality battery charger or maintainer. 

We're so confident this is the case, we'll add a full year of warranty coverage to your OPTIMA battery, if you purchase an OPTIMA Digital 1200 battery charger from us at the same time.