2016 GMC Sierra Battery

OPTIMA Batteries
Las Vegas, NV

Modern vehicles like the GMC Sierra offer a lot of great features we would've never dreamed of 30 years ago, like OnStar, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio and even Internet access! However, many of these modern features and other technological advances, like dash cams, place more demands on car and truck batteries. Fully-loaded GMC Sierras may have many of these features, so it's important that owners of those trucks keep their batteries fully-charged, whenever possible. For a typical battery, that means a voltage level of at least 12.6 volts and the driving habits of some folks may not be able to properly-maintain voltage in a battery.

As batteries sit in a partially-discharged state, sulfation begins forming in battery plates, which can diminish both battery capacity and lifespan, so proper voltage maintenance is the key for maximizing battery performance and lifespan. When the time does come to replace the battery in a 2016 GMC Sierra, OPTIMA is excited to offer a direct-fit upgrade, our H6 (Group 48) YELLOWTOP. This powerhouse battery offers both plenty of cranking amps, but is also designed for deep-cycle use.

The YELLOWTOP H6 does come with a three-year, free-replacement warranty for consumer applications, but if you buy it directly from us and purchase a Digital 1200 Charger at the same time, we'll extend your free replacement battery warranty by an additional year. We can make that offer with confidence, because we know proper voltage maintenance will extend the lifespan of your battery and keep your GMC Sierra on the road longer between battery replacement intervals.