2016 Toyota Tundra Battery

OPTIMA Batteries

There was a time in the production of cars and trucks, when consumers had multiple options for replacing their batteries. There was plenty of space under the hood and battery trays could accommodate several different sizes of batteries. As engineering has refined vehicle design and maximized the use of space, batteries have been moved to ever nook and cranny imaginable under the hood, under seats and even in the trunk. Now when people need to replace their batteries, they typically only have a single battery size available for their vehicle.

That is not the case for Toyota Tundra owners and that is great news for them. Ever since the second generation of the Tundra was introduced, Toyota Tundra owners have had several battery options to choose from, including those who drive the 2016 Toyota Tundra. OPTIMA offers three different batteries for Tundra owners, our Group 35 REDTOP, Group 35 YELLOWTOP and our Group D27F YELLOWTOP. So which battery is the best choice for your Tundra? It depends on how you use it.

If your Tundra is relatively-stock and you just use it for normal driving/towing, our Group 35 REDTOP is a great option and offered at a significant savings compared to the other two (we don't include pricing here, as it can change over time, but the links to the respective battery sizes shows current pricing). If your Tundra sees some deep-cycle use and maybe has a winch or an aftermarket car alarm, then a battery like our D35 YELLOWTOP, that is designed for deep-cycle use and starting might be a better option.

That leaves our Group D27F YELLOWTOP as a third option. That battery is significantly larger than our Group 35 batteries, but it offers more cranking power and more reserve capacity. Why might someone choose this battery? They could use their truck for snowplowing and run auxiliary lights, a snowplow, a spreader, a CB radio or other significant electrical accessories, that would place a tremendous strain on a vehicle's electrical system. Maybe they have a massive aftermarket stereo system or they like tailgating and running electrical accessories for extended periods of time with the engine turned off. For heavy-duty applications like that, the Group D27F YELLOWTOP is the best choice for Toyota Tundra owners.

All the batteries come with three-year, free replacement warranties for consumer applications, but if you buy one of those batteries and an OPTIMA Digital 1200 charger from us at the same time, we'll extend your free-replacement warranty coverage by a full year!