2017 VSCDA Fall Race at Road America

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Road America

The Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (VSCDA) Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival is one of our favorite grass roots vintage racing events of the year and it takes place at our home track- Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Drivers from all over the country (and a few from beyond our borders) converge on Elkhart Lake in a wide array of race cars that span decades of racing in a multitude of classes. See the list of winners below, as well as a huge gallery of images from this event:



Kimberly Cup

Arash Nadershahi

Sheldon Cup

Fritz Seidel

Elkhart Lake Cup

Adam Rupp

gGroup 5S2 Enduro

Martin Hancocck

Group 3B Enduro

Josh Boller

Group 8A Enduro

Lisa Hansen

Group 3C Enduro

Mike Besic

Group 8B Enduro

Frank Boucher

Group 2A Enduro

Nick Clemence

Group 8SSB Enduro

Sean Riley

Group 5B Enduro

David Putz

Group 2C Enduro

Gary Glojek

Group 6AS Enduro

Steve Lisa

Group 8C Enduro

Alex Rorke

Group 6BP Enduro

Chris Fennell

Group 8D Enduro

Greg Herr

Group 2D Enduro

Jim Donato/Derek Shannon

Group 2B Enduro

Arash Nadershahi

Group 4F Enduro

Steve Montgomery

Group 8BS Enduro

Mike Pranka

Group 3A Enduro

Jon DeGaynor

Group 4B Enduro

Joel Quadracci

Group 5P Enduro

Lee Milazzo

Group 6GTO Enduro

Ben Peotter

Group 10V Enduro

Garrett Van Camp

Group 8 Enduro

Anthony Lisa

Group 1 Sprint Race

Brad Tank

Group 1 Group Race

Brad Tank

Groups 10 & 11 FJ Feature Race

Martin Bullock

Groups 10 & 11 FV Sprint Race

Garrett Van Camp

Groups 10 & 11 Group Race (Split Start)

Martin Bullock

Groups 2 & 3D Sprint Race

George F Balbach

Groups 2 & 3D Feature Race

Denny Wilson

Group 4 Sprint Race

Geoff Brabham

Group 4 Group Race

Geoff Brabham

Group 5 Sprint Race

Lee Milazzo

Group 5 Group Race

Lee Milazzo

Group 6, 3A & 3B Sprint Race

Kirk Blaha

Group 6, 3A & 3B Group Race

Kirk Blaha

Group 7 Sprint Race

Andy Voruz

Group 7 Group Race

Andy Voruz

Group 8 & 3C Sprint Race

Mike Besic

Group 8 & 3C Group Race

Mike Besic

Group 9 Sprint Race

Gunner Pfrang

Group 9 Group Race

Adam Rupp

Open Wheel Special Group 4, 5, 7, 10, 11 Race

Jerry Edquist

Porsche Feature Race

Michael Ketten