2018 Corvette Battery

OPTIMA Batteries
Glendale, WI

Changing a 2018 Corvette battery is a pretty straightforward proposition...if you know where to look (it's in the back corner on the passenger side). The battery for 2018 Corvettes is a Group 48, also known as an H6 battery and OPTIMA offers a direct-fit upgrade.

One piece of advice we can't offer enough to Corvette owners, is to keep their battery voltage properly-maintained. Twenty years ago, a 1998 Corvette owner could install a Group 75/25 REDTOP in their C5, which weighs in at just a tick over 33 pounds. Fast forward 20 years and C7 Corvette batteries (at least the OPTIMA batteries) tip the scales at just over 54 pounds. That's more than 63% heavier, but why? Reserve capacity.

The engine displacement certainly didn't grow by 63% to 9.3 liters, but the electrical demand from modern Corvettes has skyrocketed. OnStar was introduced in C6 Corvettes and that by itself was a game-changer in terms of how much electrical energy Corvettes used with the engine turned off. Physically larger batteries can continue delivering current longer to accessories that stay on even when the engine is turned off and GM knows the vast majority of Corvettes (and every other vehicle) spend a lot more time parked, than with the engine running.

Chevrolet has even encouraged Corvette owners to keep their batteries properly-maintained, by offering battery maintainers as an option when cars are ordered. Fully-charged, our H6 YELLOWTOP will measure about 13.0-13.2 volts and maintaining proper battery voltage whenever possible maximize battery performance and lifespan. If you don't have a battery maintainer for your Corvette, you can buy an OPTIMA Digital 400 from us, that will automatically charge, condition and maintain your battery, while your Corvette waits for you to take it out again.