2018 King of the Hammers Results

OPTIMA Batteries
Johnson Valley, CA

The NITTO Tire King of the Hammers offroad race is widely-known as the world's toughest one-day off-road race. It's also the largest offroad race in all of North America, both in terms of competitors entered and spectators viewing. The dry lake bed near Johnson Valley, California is transformed into a place called "Hammertown," as tens of thousands converge on what might best be described as the "Burning Man of Off-Road Racing."

So daunting is this event, that most competitors don't even finish. In the 2018 race, more than 100 vehicles started, but less than 30 crossed the finish line. See the final results below an a massive album of images from this iconic event below that. If you can't make it the California desert for the 2019 edition, be sure to watch the free live feed and get notified when the live broadcasts begin. If you plan on attending in person, save a few bucks and buy your tickets early!

1 Jason Scherer 7:08:25
2 Erik Miller 7:20:12
3 Wayland Campbell 7:21:55
4 Josh Blyler 7:55:45
5 Raul Gomez 8:12:08
6 Shannon Campbell 8:20:02
7 Loren Healy 8:20:16
8 Brian Caprara 8:30:26
9 Levi Shirley 9:12:51
10 Clay Gilstrap 9:18:00
11 Bailey Campbell 9:21:11
12 Cantrell/Blyler 9:21:59
13 Paul Horschel 9:53:08
14 Bailey Cole 10:07:01
15 Mike Bergman 10:24:34
16 JP Gomez 10:32:30
17 Dustin Isenhour 10:39:14
18 Derek West 10:58:16
19 Kenneth Goodall 11:03:00
20 Jordan Townsend 11:03:05
21 Greg Adler 11:04:00
22 Jeff Brown 11:14:33
23 George Pronesti 11:21:21
24 Ben Swain 12:02:51
25 Darren Henke 12:14:01
26 Jordan Pellegrino 12:27:23
27 Jon Cagliero 12:59:15
28 Jason Blanton 12:48:26
29 Eston Simms 13:34:14
DNF Chad Hundt OOT
DNF Fabio Manno OOT
DNF Stan Haynes OOT
DNF Randy Slawson DNF
DNF Michael Heston DNF
DNF Lucas Murphy DNF
DNF Don Fisher DNF
DNF Jake Yoeman DNF
DNF Andrew McLaughlin DNF
DNF Steve Duke DNF
DNF James/Danzo DNF
DNF Matthew McCowan DNF
DNF Matt Burkett DNF
DNF Kyle/Jake Wickham DNF
DNF Brent Goegebuer DNF
DNF Jeremy Brown DNF
DNF Kevin Yoder DNF
DNF Matt Nieman DNF
DNF Marcos Gomez DNF
DNF Cody Addington DNF
DNF Alex Wacker DNF
DNF Jay Callaway DNF
DNF Chris Paiva DNF
DNF Michael Feagins DNF
DNF Doug Jackson DNF
DNF Mike Slawson DNF
DNF Eric Miramon DNF
DNF George Schooley DNF
DNF Michael Trebino DNF
DNF Jeff Caudill DNF
DNF Craig Allen DNF
DNF Trempe/Hicks DNF
DNF Hunter Sparrow DNF
DNF Joe Hutchins DNF
DNF Chris Kaufman DNF
DNF Derrick Leudtka DNF
DNF Shane Chiddix DNF
DNF John D. Moul DNF
DNF Rawlin McGhie DNF
DNF Jeff McCullough DNF
DNF Troy Stone DNF
DNF Biff Bowen DNF
DNF Mark Nicholson DNF
DNF Jeremy Ealand DNF
DNF Matt Garofalo DNF
DNF John Hall DNF
DNF Gary Ferravanti Sr DNF
DNF Evan Berman DNF
DNF Mike Bou DNF
DNF John Currie DNF
DNF Chris May DNF
DNF Brendon Thompson DNF
DNF Cody Waggoner DNF
DNF Kevin Porterfield DNF
DNF Matt Trebino DNF
DNF Travis Cook DNF
DNF Matt Thorson DNF
DNF Edwin Abd DNF
DNF John Picken DNF
DNF Jessi Combs DNF
DNF Erik Peterson DNF
DNF Trevor Fults DNF
DNF Aaron Kaufman DNF
DNF Dixon/Bertschy DNF
DNF Kaven/Graff DNF
DNF Hammer/Gipson DNF
DNF Casey Currie DNF
DNF Dustin Sexton DNF
DNF Darrell Krebsbach DNF
DNF Nick Nelson DNF