9020-164 OPTIMA REDTOP Group 35 Battery

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Glendale, Wisconsin

Whether you call them part numbers, SKUs, model numbers or something else, the numbers can get all jumbled when it comes to battery sizes. The 9020-164 SKU is for a boxed (it comes in a cardboard box) Group 35 OPTIMA REDTOP battery, that we sell factory-direct every day on our website. If the part number was 8020-164, it might be the same Group 35 OPTIMA REDTOP battery, except it doesn't come in a cardboard box. That might be a battery you would buy at one of our brick & mortar retail partner locations.

Did you know the key to maximizing car battery performance and lifespan is proper voltage maintenance? Fully-charged, REDTOP batteries, including the 9020-164 (we call it a group 35), will measure about 12.6-12.8 volts. We're so confident proper voltage maintenance will improve performance and extend lifespan, we'll increase the free replacement warranty on your OPTIMA battery, if you buy it and a Digital 1200 battery charger from us at the same time.