A '57 Chevy Sporting OPTIMA Power

OPTIMA Batteries
El Segundo, CA

There is nothing that makes our day, like picking up a car magazine and seeing an OPTIMA battery powering someone's pride & joy. That was certainly the case, when we spotted this OPTIMA YELLOWTOP in the trunk of this Lowrider magazine feature car.

We were glad to see Dee from Compton is using a YELLOWTOP in his box Chevy, as Lowriders often have significant electrical demands that are well-suited for the deep-cycle design of YELLOWTOP batteries.  We did notice the top terminals were not covered for the photo shoot and we have to assume that was intentional. Although red and black terminal covers help prevent any unwanted arcing, they don't exactly blend into the silver on silver background, like the lead terminals. We don't think Dee will be tossing a set of golf clubs in this trunk anytime soon, but it is always a good idea to keep terminals covered and protected, in case they do come in contact with any metal objects.

It is also a good idea to make sure that any battery mounted in an enclosed space (either trunk or interior) is properly-vented to the outside air. We know the chances of something bad happening are slim, but all lead-acid batteries can vent in extreme situations and when they do, the fumes are both toxic and flammable- a combination no one should be breathing in or trapping in their trunk.

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