A budget-built Blazer that doesn't cut corners

OPTIMA Batteries
Anaheim, CA

While our batteries end up in some really high-end cars and trucks, the budget builds are some of our favorites.  These cars and trucks may never come within 100 miles of the SEMA Show floor, but we really admire the craftsmanship, ingenuity and passion of their owners.  

Tim Shigo wanted a truck for off-road adventures, but didn't have an unlimited budget. The 1972 Chevy Blazer he secured as the basis for his project cost him just $2,000, but that didn't mean Shigo was ready to hit the trails. He knew he'd be heading into some extreme and dangerous terrain and took the time and spent the money necessary to install a full cage to protect him and his passengers.

Tim also added an OPTIMA YELLOWTOP, even though he had cheaper options.  The last thing you want on a trail is a battery leaking acid, even if you're not worried about a show-quality paint job or powdercoated frame rails.  The sealed design of Tim's YELLOWTOP allows it to perform even at extreme angles that could cause serious issues for flooded batteries.  

The YELLOWTOP is also designed for deep-cycle use and since Shigo has a Mile Marker winch on the front of his rig, the YELLOWTOP is ideal for getting out of tough spots. Our REDTOP batteries may be a few dollars cheaper than their YELLOWTOP counterparts, but they aren't designed or warrantied for deep-cycle use.  When it comes to safety, we're glad Tim made sure he was using the right equipment and we're glad he chose an OPTIMA.