A Rockin' '55 Willy's Pickup


Some people might look at Don Brown's '55 Willy's pickup and love it for it's uniqueness, while others may question what exactly it is.  Even though OPTIMA Jim is a big fan of the interior, which is coated with gray bedliner, we just think it is a cool truck.  It's not surprising that it would end up in the pages of Four Wheeler magazine, as these trucks are hard to come by in the first place, let alone equipped to crawl around on some pretty demanding terrain.

As you would expect with a vehicle outfitted for this type of duty, Doc's pickup is running a 12,000-lb winch.  That type of deep-cycle duty pretty much requires a battery designed for deep-cycle use.  That is why Doc Brown runs an OPTIMA YellowTop battery in his rig. 

A true, dual-purpose battery, the YellowTop provides plenty of cranking amps to turn over his monster 454 big block, while also providing enough reserve capacity to winch out of some pretty sticky situations.  We applaud Doc Brown for taking the road less-traveled and encourage you to do the same.  Keep it safe and remember to tread lightly.  If you'd like to read the full story on Doc's truck, click on this link.