Ambassador Jason Blanton to be Featured on Upcoming Television Special


In June, OPTIMA Batteries PowerPro Ambassador and Ultra4 (class 4400) off-road racer, Jason Blanton, joined the Xtreme Off-Road Adventure crew for the production of their upcoming television special. Ahead of the premiere on August 28th at 10pm EDT on NBCSN, we caught up with Jason for an exclusive behind the scenes look from the shoot.

“It was an experience of a lifetime and it won't be forgotten,” said Blanton after he joined the PowerNation crew to explore Kentucky. “It was really cool to bomb through an old half mile long trail tunnel that was built in the late 1800's. Experiencing Kentucky hospitality from Will and Scottie Marie at one of the coolest off-road parks (Dirty Turtle Offroad Park) I have been to was such a treat. Coming up with our own set of jumps and features in an old abandoned quarry was one of the most memorable moments of the shoot.”

Another highlight during the production was Jason’s discovery that almost every vehicle on the shoot ran an OPTIMA Battery as he says, “even the production team ran OPTIMA Batteries on the trail rigs.” There were also a few instances where winches were used, showcasing the ultimate power of OPTIMA Batteries.

To catch Jason and his Ultra4 on the Xtreme Off-Road Adventure, tune in to NBCSN on August 28th at 10pm EDT. Also, be sure to follow Jason on Instagram and Facebook and use #XORAdventure and #optimabatteries to share your thoughts when watching the @powernationtv special later this month.